Admit it. You've done at least one of the things on this list.

via Microsoft Clip Galllery
via Microsoft Clip Galllery

Let's be honest. We all do things that we would never admit to in public. A recent survey has compiled a list of kind-of-gross things that we all secretly do. I'll admit, I've definitely done a couple of the things on the list, including #4 (while waiting for my DIY spray tan to dry, of course) and #6 (because our family puppy is adorbs). I also have been known to rely on dry shampoo for a taaddd longer than socially acceptable. Check out the list and see how many of these YOU do!

1.  Going several days without showering


2.  Running out of underwear and not wearing any


3.  Cleaning the toilet with your significant other's toothbrush


4.  Cleaning naked


5.  Not cleaning the toilet seat after splashing on it


6.  Letting the dog sleep on the bed


7.  Using the same toothbrush for years


8.  Using a hairdryer to dust the bathroom


9.  Letting the dog lick your plates


10.  Using the kitchen sponge to clean the floor


Which of these do you secretly do? Tweet me, @DaniOnUS105!

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