FYI, I'm still pouting about Ben Affleck as Batman.

For months, Batman fans have known that their favorite caped crusader would be starring alongtside the Man of Steel, in the upcoming Superman sequel. We also found out that Ben Affleck would be the next A-lister to take the reigns of the batmobile, and were extremely angry, dissapointed, sad, surprised . Now in addition to the cast being in place, we finally have an official title for the film. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, is set to hit theaters in 2016. Not only is it nice to finally have an official title in place, but it also teases the upcoming Justice League movie (a la Avengers), set to debut in 2018.

The announcement of the official movie title and logo, along with news that production had started in Detroit, didn't settle well with fans on Twitter. In fact, it caused somewhat of an uproar when the official announcement hit Twitter, with fans saying the title sounded cheesy.

via Twitter
via Twitter

I for one, am still pouting over the choice of Ben Affleck as Batman. He had his shot as a superhero in Daredevil, and I think we all remember how that turned out... (If we couldn't have Christian Bale, wouldn't have Joseph Gordon-Levitt made more sense, for continuity's sake?)

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