Hauling cows in an 18-wheeler is hard enough by itself, but when someone runs a red light causing the truck to overturn, that's how we end up with a huge traffic trouble spot like the one in Temple late this morning. An 18-wheeler and a pickup truck collided late this morning at MLK Jr. Drive and the SW H. K. Dodgen Loop. So far, at least 15 cows are reported dead. The wreck caused non-life threatening injuries to both drivers who were sent to the hospital. Surprisingly, only 2 cows escaped the vehicle, but several died inside the 18-wheeler.

The truck hauling the cows came to a stop in the driveway of the CEFCO store at the intersection. Area ranchers were called in to help round up additional trailers to move the remaining cows out of the busy intersection, and to get the remaining cows out of the over-turned semi.

The pickup truck that was involved in the wreck was apparently headed southbound on MLK, and the 18-wheeler was trucking west on the loop when the two collided. It looks as though all this is the result of one of the drivers running a red light at the intersection.