The Killeen Daily Herald reports that nearly two dozen postal boxes were broken into and damaged Monday.

Some of the boxes belonged to the City and may have contained payment information from citizens. KDH has a list of the boxes that were opened, and they say one suspect has been identified. Forced entry into the boxes is apparent as KDH describes the boxes as being pried open.

KDH News reports the following boxes have been damaged: 09, 39, 69, 99, 129, 130, 160, 249, 279, 550, 599, 1049, 1179, 1209, 1525, 1539, 1569, 1719, 1749, 1779, and 1809.

Police say they discovered a suspect early in the investigation that led to the recovery of mail and checks stolen out of the post office boxes. Authorities think the suspect(s) broke into the city's box because it contained payments and checks.

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