If there is one beach NOT to visit this summers it's San Luis Pass, Texas.

A 10th person has drowned in the waters of San Luis Pass, Texas. Fox 26 Houston is reporting another person who went in the water was overcome by the currents and drowned. Since 2013, ten people have died who went in the waters of San Luis Pass.

Brazoria County officials are doing everything they can think of to keep people from going in to the water off the beaches there. The trouble is the waters of West Galveston Bay, Drum Bay, and Christmas Bay all wash into the inlet known as San Luis Pass. This means the water level is constantly changing. There are dangerous currents, under-toes, and the bottom is ever-changing. One day the water may come up to your neck, the next day it may only go to your knees.

Since 2013, ten people have died at this location. Most recently a man was standing about 100 yards from shore and was swept away by the currents according to Fox 26.

The county leaders are in talks with the district attorney about passing a no fishing or swimming ordinance that would fine visitors who decide to get in the water.

If you head to the beaches this summer. Keep San Luis Pass on the "Do Not Swim Here" list.

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