It took only a matter of 8 seconds.  My son, Tyler, went from the top of the mountain to the valley below in that short time.  Hitting a target on your first attempt at the gun range is one thing, but following that up with a celebration that looks like something out of 21 Jump Street shows he's still got a long way to go.

Let's not discuss the fact that my 12-year-old son hit the target while I never came close.  Let's focus instead on the fact that he DID he the target, a cup of iced tea from the gas station.  I never thought he'd hit it, but he's proven on a couple different occasions now that he's a crack shot.  Me?  Again, not so much.

They say, "Act like you've been there before", but what if you've never been there to see it done before?  That's the crossroads we're at now with my son's gun handling.  He's gotten to where he can obviously hit the target.  Now we've just got to work on his endzone dance.