Ask any woman that was on this Earth in the 1960s, and they'll name Loretta Lynn as one of their inspirations, whether musically, or in life.It was Loretta's down-to-earth music and real-life lyrics that made her a role model for women across the country and around the world.  She made women's lib seem a little sexier.  Suddenly it wasn't the radicals marching for equal rights for women, it was someone with boots-on-the-ground (literally and figuratively), living this fight to come out of the shadows and stand up for equality in the home, not just int he workplace.

Loretta Lynn went from coal-miner's daughter, to victimized housewife, to Country Music Hall of Famer with a total of 70 charting hits as a solo artist and a duet.  She's still out there kicking today, and so on the 43rd anniversary of "Coal Miner's Daughter" reaching #1, we give you... Loretta.

First, she talks about what led to the music that she's so famed for now.



Next, Loretta at her absolute best.