Brian Maixner is one of the happiest waiters around. Always cracking jokes and laughing with his customers. Trouble is, Brian's smile was filled with pain.

Brian's mouth was full of infections and rotting teeth.   Everybody could see it. Fred Boettcher noticed it when he stopped to eat at the Doo-Dah diner.  He sat in Brian's section and wanted to help.


Fred, an attorney from Oklahoma, talked with the owner, Timirie Shibley.  He told her Brian was a great waiter, but he noticed the man had some dental issues. Fred offered to pay to get Brian's smile fixed.  You see, Fred had dental problems when he was a kid, so he knew what Brian was going through.   He wanted Brian to have a full dental makeover.


Fred, Doo-Dah Diner owner Timirie and Brian/Photo Courtesy of Timirie Shibley


Brian said Yes, Yes Yes!. He told, "I am a guy, and I am not scared to admit it, I cried a little bit".


After two months of work Brian now has a brand new smile.


Photo Courtesy of Timirie Shibley


The infections are gone and he has a full set of temporary dentures.  "My friends on Facebook went through the roof," Brian, who says he can't stop grinning at the mirror, tells PEOPLE about his transformation. "I've been getting a lot of people stopping me in public". He definitely looks better, but there is more work to be done. Brian has to heal for eight months before he goes back to Ponca City, Oklahoma, to get permanent dental implants.


So what does 'Fred the Attorney' get out of it.  A chance to do some good and maybe be inspiration for others to do something nice for your fellow man or woman.