A 53 year old man was arrested Thursday after high speed chase that started in Killeen and ended on Fort Hood.

It began around 12:50 p m when Killeen police officers stopped a red Thunderbird on the eastbound Hwy 190 overpass at Stan Schlueter. As an officer approached the vehicle, the driver sped off into Harker Heights and the chase was on.

According to a Killeen Police department press release,  the driver was a wanted man. The chase rolled on through Harker Heights, Nolanville, Belton and Temple.  Police from all those department helped out as the chase continued. At one point the suspect was traveling 100 miles per hour.

The suspect's criminal record included drug and weapons charges, so when police saw him  making furtive movements, officers believed he had a gun inside the vehicle.  A trooper shot out a rear tire on the vehicle as they were traveling on Hwy 36 , but the suspect still did not stop,  instead turning southbound onto Hwy 184 and then on to East Range Rd.   Two more shots were fired by the DPS trooper, hitting the other rear tire and the trunk of the vehicle. At this point, the suspect finally stopped.   He was arrested and later taken to Metroplex Hospital by ambulance with non life threatening injuries.

Officers recovered three guns and narcotics inside the vehicle.  The suspect had outstanding warrants out of Bell County for narcotic related offenses and a warrant out of Travis County.  His name will be released when  formal charges are filed.