As many devoted fans of US 105 may have noticed over the past 36+ hours we've had a technical meltdown... literally, a meltdown.  Our problem is one that is very technical, and I'll try to relate to you the exact wording I received from our engineer, Doug.  According to Doug, the thingy that normally does that one thing was possibly damaged when that one whose-it melted in the doohickey box.  As a result, we've tried to get that new thingy to work, but our old thingy might need to be cleaned.  One thing's for sure... it's not the one thingy that's causing the problem like we initially thought.  It's not that other thingy we thought might be the problem, either.  It's definitely not our brand new contraption we got.  It's pretty sweet.



  • First Obstacle

    Before I could even deliver the supplies I was supposed to bring Doug I had to get my old butt up over this fence.  It didn't end well (see below).

  • It's a Long Way to the Top

    Once you're off the paved road it's still a bit of a journey to reach the transmitter location.

  • The cacti are bloomin'

    It was nice to be at one with nature during my 1/4 mile trek.

  • Hunka' Hunka' Burnin' Junk

    From the smokey smell wafting through the air it's quite obvious things got a little heated in the transmitter building.  That's chunks of old doohickey stuff burnt up.

  • Newly Installed Thingy

    This thingy replaces the old thingy that burned up and initially knocked us off the air.

  • See Anything Wrong With This Picture?

    All those levels are reading "zero", which is never a good thing.

  • What's With the Whose-It?

    It's a brand-new whose-it, but we can't get it to sync with the old thing-a-mu-jiggy, and that ain't good.

  • Is That a Tube in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Here to Fix the Transmitter?

    If you're thinking something needs to fit into that hole, you're absolutely correct.  A tube of some sort is supposed to go in there, but before Doug pops it in he's gonna clean the little teeth-looking-things with Q-Tips & Tarnex.

  • The sacrifices I Make For You Usually Go Unnoticed

    Not today!!  Look at my massive wound suffered in the line of duty.  If rickity, old-looking wood can cause infection I'd better be on the look-out for symptoms.  I could need a skin graft to fix this medical emergency.  Donate blood.  I may need it.