Some major changes have been made to the traffic pattern in Temple, Texas for the remainder of the year.

We've described the changes below, but we also figured it would be much easier to show you the changes as we drive over the new configuration in the US 105 Cruiser. Check out the video above for a better look.

TxDot has closed the Central Avenue Bridge over I-35. Adams Avenue is now goes two ways from the access road along I-35.

When you approach I-35 on Airport Road you will be re-routed to Adams Avenue via  right turn onto North 43rd. The closure of the Central Avenue bridge is the only way crews can complete the I-35 project.

We would have seen the closure sooner but crews waited until the completion of the Bloomin' Temple Festival before changing the flow of traffic. Crews expect to work on the project until the end of the year.

We hope the above video was helpful. Our first time through this construction we blew two signs and basically failed at navigating the new traffic pattern at 31st.

While we did laugh at this after the fact, this is actually a small part of why Aaron and I filmed this. This is a major change in the traffic pattern and flow. People navigating this for the first time are going to make mistakes. If watching this helps you avoid a mistake in this area, so much the better. Hopefully it helps spread the word that this new road work has created a pretty unique situation, and that people will remember to use caution and observe signs when you approach this area in Temple. Stay safe y'all!

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