A steer in Greenleaf, Kansas has horns that are about 10 feet long! That's one for the record books (119 inches). A group known as the Fort Worth Herd says "Bluegrass" the steer belongs in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The group is currently made up of 16 longhorns that celebrate the history of the famous Chisholm trail that dates back to the 1800's.

The horns on the Kansas steer are about three feet longer than any of the longhorns that currently reside in Fort Worth, and the "friends of the Fort Worth Herd" plan to be first in line when Bluegrass goes up for auction this September. A plan is currently in the works to raise about $100,000 to win the animal.

This September will mark the first occasion in 20 years that registered longhorns will be up for auction at the stockyards in Fort Worth. A group known as Majestic Realty is currently backing a $175 million dollar renovation plan of the Fort Worth stockyards, and supports the plan to win Bluegrass at the upcoming event.

Anyone interested in making donations can follow this link.