News 10 is reporting that all registered sex offenders in Waco were off of the streets during Halloween evening.

In its 15th year, the Halloween Sex Offender Reporting in McLennan County was a success. The program is designed to make sure that there are no registered sex offenders walking around the streets at the same time your kids are out gathering candy.

“Anyone who’s sent to adult probation and is a sex offender is required to report here to the building between the peak hours of Halloween,” said William “Chip” Seigman, Director of Adult Probation in McLennan County.

From 6 to 10 p.m. all 114 registered sex offenders checked into the Adult Probation Department (CSCD) at 504 N. 6th St. on Halloween.

“For the public, it's the knowledge that the probationers are here within the building during those hours, it also prevents any further allegations against the probationers,” said Seigman.

Last night was another year of success for Seigman and his team making it the 15th straight year they have never had a single sex offender unaccounted for on Halloween night.

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