The state of Texas certainly has many animals living in it, and while some might try to say hi to you in your own home, others we just get to see in the wild. I mean for example, seeing a fox in the state of Texas at night is always interesting right? But of course, there's a chance a dangerous animal could appear in front of us too.

But if we want to see animals, in safer conditions, we go to a zoo. There's many in the Lone Star State, and there's different reasons to visit them. But one thing is for sure, there's bound to be one creature you'd want to see.

However, recently developments across the nation will cause effect in Texas zoos, with their being one animal we'll potentially never see again in the state.

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Which Animal Will We Not See In The Lone Star State Again?

According to USA Today, developments in the association between the US and China have caused many changes. One of those potential changes is animals lent to the country. The animal in question? None other than the panda!

Yes, pandas aren't necessarily native to the United States. USA Today mentions that pandas were sent to other areas to build good bonds between China and other countries in the world.

But recently, as early as 2019, pandas have begun to return to China, with the last ones, in Atlanta, potentially going back in 2024.

So it looks like Texas won't be able to see any Pandas soon. Which stinks, because pandas are really cute!

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