If you're a dog lover like myself, this story will bring you to tears. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't miss my childhood best friend - a Chow Chow named Panda. I actually still have his leash tucked away in a special box in my closet.

The CBS News video shares a very heartwarming, yet sad story about the 12+ year bond between Ashley Niels and her Husky, Spunky. They met in Wisconsin where she worked at an animal shelter. She recalled an energetic pup covered in mud. When Ashley graduated, the two moved to Tennessee and then to Austin, Texas where they have called home ever since. While it was kind of a bummer because Spunky LOVED snow, they made it work.

Then last Thursday, Ashley received some troubling news. She noticed Spunky not eating his breakfast - noting that he loves to eat and it's unusual for him to not have an appetite. After talking to the vet she learned Spunky had hemangiosarcoma - an invasive form of cancer. Unfortunately, she was told chemo nor surgery would help at this point.

“At that point, I collapsed to the ground and didn’t actually hear anything else," she said.

She made it her top priority to spend all of the time they have left together doing his favorite things. She then remembered promising Spunky that they'd play in the snow one more time.

So a friend and volunteer at a local animal shelter started a GoFundMe campaign where they were able to raise enough funds for a snow machine and a pizza party. It may seem like a small gesture, but more often than not, these gestures are what united a whole community. Check out the video for a real tear-jerker and then go hug and play with your pet. =(

He’s my everything. He’s been with me as I grew from a child to an adult. I’ve grown and changed, had good times and bad times. But he is always there. He is my constant. I learn so much from him. I still am, through all of this. Unconditional love. It’s the most powerful force there is and he’s given it to me all along. He’s my soulmate in furry clothes. Ashley and Spunky. We’re one and the same. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do without him.