A couple needed to fly cross country, no problem right?  Except for their twin 14 week old boys.  IT'S HELL FLIGHT!!!  The parents new that nobody was going to be happy to see them on the plane so the planned a little preventive maintenance.  They passed out little bags of candy with a "note from the twins".   It said  "Hello!  We're twin baby boys on our first flight . . . we'll try to be on our best behavior, but we'd like to apologize in advance, just in case we lose our cool."  The parents also brought ear plugs for the other passengers.  Very smart.  It got me thinking...parents should carry notes like that everywhere they go.  Example, the movie theater.  The not could read..."Hi, I'm baby Smith.  My arrival was a bit of a surprise to my parents, and they refuse to change there life because of me.  So that is why you're not happy to see me, and I'm not happy to be here.  By way of saying sorry, here is a lolly-pop...feel free to SUCK IT!