Y'all. It's finally happening! Cory + Topanga 4ever!

Am I the only one who is ecstatic about the fact that we are only a month away from being reunited with our fav teen tv couple of the 90's? Growing up, Friday nights meant spending the evening hanging with your pals from the TGIF lineup, including Urkel, the Tanners, and of course, Boy Meet World's Cory and TopangaIn fact, to this day I still watch the 90's sitcom on the reg, thanks to stations like ABC Family and MTV 2 running it all day long in syndication.

So obviously when I heard that Disney was toying with the idea of creating a sequel, starring the Matthews and their teen daughter, I was pumped! After what seemed like an eternity, the sitcom will debut on Disney Channel on June 27th! In order to give fans a glimpse of the new series, the network also just released the official intro video and theme song! From the look of things, not much has changed about Cory and Topanga, besides the fact that they have a couple kids, and Cory is now a teacher! Check out the video above to see for yourself!

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