Central Texas has grown throughout the years. With so many moving to the area for jobs or family reasons, many are becoming new Texas. However, with so many people, some disappear without being noticed for a while.

Missing People in Bell County

Bell County Crime Stoppers has listed people that have gone missing since 1989. Crime Stoppers is also partnered with both police and the public, asking for assistance to bring these missing persons home. Anyone is encouraged to submit a tip on their website.

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Missing Persons in Texas Statistics

According to the Texas Center for the Missing, there are multiple cases of missing people reported. 2021 alone had 46,581 missing person reports, with 33,774 being children and 12,807 being adults. There are also categories for missing children:

Runaways - 80-85%
Family Abductions - 10-15%
Non-Family Abductions - 3-4%
Stranger Abductions - <1%

Runaways and family abductions, according to the center, does not mean that child missing is safe. Non-family abductions and stranger abductions are the second and most serious respectively.

At the time of writing, these persons are missing in Central Texas. If you see any of these missing persons listed, please call submit a tip on their website. You are also encouraged to not approach the person and alert law enforcement as quickly as possible.

All info provided on these missing persons is by Bell County Crime Stoppers.

Help Bell County Crime Stoppers And Police Find These Missing Persons

If you know anything about these missing people, here's how you can help bring closure to their loved ones.

It is a sad moment when someone loses track of a family member. Let's help find these people and bring some closure to the long search for them.

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