Belton City Council will consider a proposal to rename the baseball complex at Heritage Park when they meet later this month. The city also wants the public's opinion on the new name.

How about the Jace Jefferson Baseball Complex? The idea comes from the Belton Youth Baseball Association. We already think this is an incredible gesture, and it really shows how much the whole city of Belton cared for Jace and his family.

Jace passed away in November of last year following a battle with cancer. I never got to meet him, but I did get to read about his story and the way the great people of central Texas rallied around the young man.

Parks and Recreation Director Matt Bates
wants to know what residents think of the idea and is asking for your comments at 254-933-5860. He will share the feedback with the Belton city council before they meet to decide on the matter March 28th.

The Baseball Complex at Heritage Park is located at 100 Park Ave in Belton, Tx

Jace Jefferson swings for the fences, as he will battling Astro Cytoma. Photo by Tony Adams of the Belton Journal.