Police in Belton say several counterfeit $50 bills have been spent at local fast food restaurants and convenience stores in recent weeks, and the woman in this photo may have information.

The woman was captured on video spending a fake bill at the CEFCO store located at 601 E. 6th Ave. on April 14. A woman matching her description spent another fake bill at the Little Caesar's located at 2411 N. Main St. on April 16.

The woman is described as being between 30 and 40 years of age with dimple piercings on each cheek and a tattoo on her right wrist. Surveillance footage from the CEFCO store shows her driving a black SUV.

Anyone who may be able to identify the woman or can provide any information about the crimes is asked to call the Belton Police Department at 254-933-5840 or text tips to 254-217-6764.

According to a Belton PD press release, more than 120 counterfeit $50 bills have been passed in a four-county area, including Bell County. Most of the bills have been passed at fast food restaurants and convenience stores. Police say the pens these businesses usually use to detect fake bills don't work in these cases because the counterfeit bills are copied onto legitimate $1 bills that have gone through a bleaching process. The fake $50 bills resemble older bills produced between 1985 and 1990, which lack security features on bills printed in later years.