Starting the work day in Belton, Texas is stressful enough, being that I-35 and 317 are both crowded and dangerous during commute times. Most of us try to be careful, but some folks decide the road is their personal race track and go nuts.

But there are those who want to take advantage of this, and this has led to a scam targeted towards some who haven't even committed any traffic violations. Here's what to watch out for so these thugs don't scam and intimidate you into giving up personal information or money.

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Belton Police Sends Warning To Citizens

According to KWTX, Belton Law Enforcement has alerted Texans that live in the area of a new scam that claims the individual in question has a unpaid ticket. The "ticket" in question says where the violation occurred, along with a link to "pay off" the ticket.

Officers are encouraging many to simply ignore these emails for a simple reason: Belton Law Enforcement does not send tickets through email. The organization stated they do not email tickets, but they mail the actual ticket to the individual, and provide the correct contact information for the person to pay the fine.

So stay alert, Belton and Central Texans! And...don't be afraid to slow your roll a little bit. There are other drivers on the road after all!

Have you been contacted by these scammers? How did they try to grift you? Tap the Chat button in our free app to let us know.

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