Hey Gang,

The Super Bowl is happening this weekend.  The upstart Ravens look for a underdog sweep as they take on the young, and favored 49ers.  I’ve been to a lot of Super Bowl parties, which is odd for me since I don’t “do” parties, but when the event is Nationwide like this is, it’s always more fun to be with a crowd. 

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Keep in mind, the early games were not good.  They were one sided and boring, but it was a reason to get together with friends and indulge.  After all, they say that the following Monday is the biggest “sick” day of the year. I don't think that's true, people do show up for work, they just don't do anything once they get there.  "Hows the headache?!" "Is that vomit on your blouse or did you eat taco's for lunch?"

Some like to wager “animal crackers” on the game to make it more interesting.  I’m a degenerate gambler so I can’t do that.  I did wager one year, ended up losing so much that I had to budget my groceries.  What a nightmare, a fat man budgeting food.  I shudder to think about it, and every time some idiot says the words “wide right” the flashbacks to ketchup and cheese sandwiches begin.

The best Super Bowl party was when the Bronco’s played the Redskins.  First play was a bomb for a Bronco touchdown.  The crowd went nuts at the apartment I was at.  The two girls hosting were doing Tequila shots and fighting with each other during the first quarter.  The second quarter the Redskins set scoring records.  I missed it because the two girls were "making up" in dining room.  BEST SUPER BOWL EVER!

So the Big Q Tip for this weekend.  Don’t make it about the game, make it about the “event” you’re watching the game at.  The memories will last longer.  And enjoy your “hangover Monday”.