Hey Gang,

My main job here is being in charge of the commercial content. Making sure all the commercials play, and that no one is blatantly lying about their product.  I’m like a defense attorney; if I know you’re going to lie, I can’t put you on the stand.  There’s a reason for that - you don’t want to get sued! Take shoe company Sketchers for example.  There are more than half a million checks being processed  right now because Skechers 'stretchered' the truth and got caught.

Last year Sketchers USA reached a settlement agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to payback 40 million dollars because they made false claims about their product.  Mainly, they said that if you use their shoe you’d lose weight, strengthen and tone you butt, legs, and abs.  The FTC complaint charged the company with making up clinical studies that backed up their claim.  Hey, no one likes a liar.

Turns out, I work with someone who actually bought a pair of these shoes. Her name is Kelsey, and she’s our Digital Sales Manager. (I don’t know what that means so don’t ask)

When I asked her why she bought the shoes, she said it was because she believed the commercial.  She wanted her legs and thighs to be tone.  She wanted her butt 'to pop!', whatever that means.  What she ended up getting was a couple of paper weights and a refund check.

This is what believing a corporation's wacky promises will get you:

Photo by TSM

And it's not like there's any signs of this kind of stuff going away.

Remember the Joe Montana spot...

What's Joe pushing now...

Joint Juice?  O.K.  Hopefully they won't get lit up by the FTC.