Hey Der,

So each month work tries to have a lunch, and this month we tied it into a going away party.  Lasagna was the theme this month, and when I got to work, someone had also brought doughnuts.  I had an idea...


It's the new trend in "food suicide attempts" to use donuts as buns on breakfast sandwiches.  I tried very hard, using all of my wit and charm, to get someone to put a chunk of lasagna in-between a cut doughnut.  No takers.  But then I offered to make a doughnut dessert with banana pudding and cake balls.


People loved it.  That is to say, they loved the way it looked, but no one would eat it.  Since I'm a closet eater, I know what that means...If I were to make 3 of these desserts, all three would go uneaten, but all three would be "taken" home to be devoured in private.  Feel free to try in on your own.  Just make sure the lights are off and no one is watching, because it's a sinnnnnnn.