BJ’s Restaurants Inc. has announced its intention to open a $2.5 million brewpub concept in Downtown Temple.

The brewery is planned to be located near the intersection of East Central Avenue and North 12th St. It would operate both as a supplier of BJ’s craft brews to restaurants throughout Texas and as a tasting center where visitors can enjoy samples.

The brewery is part of an overall effort to revitalize Downtown Temple and improve the state of the city’s east side. The business is expected to create eight new jobs in the area, and the Temple Economic Development Corporation hopes it will attract further capital investment.

Temple EDC approved the project on August 28 of this year, and work has already begun on remodeling the building that will house the brewery, as well as the construction of new sidewalks in the vicinity.

BJ’s Restaurants Inc. owns and operates 154 restaurants, including a location in Temple.