McLennan County Jail records indicate that Christopher Weiss has been charged with capital and his bond set at $1 million after he allegedly murdered a woman and her infant daughter whose bodies were discovered at a reservoir 10 miles east of Waco Sunday.

KWTX reports that Weiss, 25, was arrested in Temple Tuesday afternoon as he attempted to drive away from his home on Berger Road. Police had been surveilling the home and believed Weiss was a flight risk.

Weiss is suspected of fatally shooting 24-year-old Valarie Martinez and her 1-year-old daughter, Azariah. It appears Weiss was romantically involved with Martinez until late October. Investigators believe the two argued about child support for Azariah, which escalated and led to the fatal shooting of mother and daughter.

Police say Weiss admitted to lying about his whereabouts the day of the murder, as well as his relationship with Valarie and Azariah. A 9-year-old witness reportedly described Weiss and said Azariah and her mother planned to meet him at Tradinghouse the day the pair were killed.

Weiss also claims that guns he owned were stolen from his truck several months ago, but he never reported the theft. It is unclear if any of the weapons he says were stolen were involved in the murder.

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