Things got ugly at a high school basketball game between Bruceville-Eddy and Teague Tuesday evening as the parent of a Bruceville-Eddy student went on the court during the game to assault opposing player.

Our local news partner, News Channel 10, has the video of the melee.  It's a brief video, but it sums up the madness the followed the assault.  The parent, who was not identified, was arrested by Teague Police.

Richard Kilgore, Superintendent of Bruceville-Eddy ISD, released a statement, saying, "An altercation occurred on January 6th, 2015 at Teague High School between the varsity basketball teams and fans from both schools.  Play was suspended and an investigation by both schools and law enforcement officials is taking place at this time".

The game was called off after the incident, and the UIL will step in at some point to reschedule the game at a closed gym.




Without knowledge of exactly what happened in this incident, I can't speak to this case specifically, but I do know through being part of my own kids' sporting events and covering high school sports throughout the year that it's gone too far too many times to pass off as isolated incidents.

I watched an assistant coach of my older son's t-ball team get kicked out of a game for cursing at and arguing with the umpires.  He was embarrassed by his actions afterward, but he still believed he was in the right.  What?!?  Right call or wrong call, these are guys that get paid scraps to come out and do as good a job as they can to properly officiate games.

They don't work for you.  They work for the league.  There's nothing more humorous (and frustrating) to me than seeing someone genuinely believe an official is out to get their team or their kid.  The Mafia doesn't have its grip on youth sports in Central Texas.  Nobody's getting rich off the dusty fields of Smalltown, America.

I have as difficult a time as anyone else when I'm broadcasting football games keeping my cool around bad officiating.  That's one thing.  Grown men and women affecting the outcome of a sporting event because of their own poor performance takes away from everything the kids worked so hard to achieve.

Parents going after players?  That's altogether different, and insane.  I'm hoping there's more to this story than just a frustrated fan or parent going after an opposing player because of something happening on the court.  I'm hoping there's a family history similar to the Hatfields and McCoys that can explain this stupidity.  Otherwise, all hope may be lost for us as a civilization.  After all, the word "civil" is right there in the word.