It's something that's as old as childhood itself, and it unfortunately continues into adulthood in the workplace.  Some people are just bullies, and despite the recent pushback against bullying it still remains a problem.

The problem with trying to stop bullying is that we'll never stop bullying.  You can't convince a bully to stop bullying.  It's just something they do.  You can punish them, but you'll never stop a bully from being a bully, in my opinion.  That's why the presence of workplace bullying is still so prevalent... bullies grow up to bully and reproduce future bullies.  The only way to turn a bully from the dark side is to get them while they're young, before they get used to the rush that (supposedly) comes from being an Alpha Bully.

With that "white flag" mentality, you'd think I'd be more in support of this school's plan to stop a Brony from being bullied.  They want him to leave his "My Little Pony" backpack at home.  The difference between my "white flag" mentality and theirs is that I'm not responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of children.  The two kids I'm responsible for are not bullies, so mission accomplished on my end.  Now get to work on your end!!  Stop bullies in their tracks.

Within the past six months we also heard about a North Carolina boy that attempted suicide after being bullied by kids at school over his love for "My Little Pony".  Picking on a kid because of their preferences in pop culture, style or lifestyle is as old as school itself, but it doesn't mean we can't do more to prevent it.  In the real world police use something called profiling.  Why not profile at school?  I'm not saying if a kid looks like he's a bully he should be punished.  I'm actually saying the opposite.  If teachers or administrators see a kid that may be a potential target for bullies, why not take the few extra seconds to keep an eye on him or her?

Why don't we have a zero tolerance policy for bullying like we do for weapons or drugs in schools?  Show the kids you're serious about bullying.  This school in North Carolina has done the exact opposite.  They've put the blame on the student that, like millions of other kids, show their love for their favorite TV show by wearing merchandise with the show's logo or characters.  What they've done is shown the real problem with stopping a bully... they don't want to deal with their bully parents.