We all love dogs don't we? Anytime I see a puppy video on social media, I just let it replay about five or six times. It's hard to resist the urge to ask any dog owner if I could pet their dog if they both walk by. If you share my fondness for these little four-legged pals, it might warm your hear to know that a popular chicken finger chain with a pup for their mascot is set to help build a new dog park right here in Copperas Cove, Texas.

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Raising Cane's Building Dog Park in Copperas Cove, Texas

Raising Cane's has announced that groundbreaking on the new dog park is happening very soon.

Cane's representative Mario Zavala informed us Tuesday that the digging begins  Monday, August 1st at 9 AM. Folks from Raising Cane’s will join Copperas Cove Mayor Dan Yancey and the City Council for a special groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the dog park, which is set to open by the end of  this year.

You're Invited to the Groundbreaking Ceremony

If you'd like to be there when the shovels hit the dirt, you're welcome to attend.

The ceremony will be held at Copperas Cove City Park, 1206 West Avenue B.

(I don't think they chose B because it's the first letter in the word "bark", but let's just pretend they did.)

Good News For All The Good Boys in Copperas Cove

First off, it's always great to see a place where our dogs can meet and run around. I think when the park is completed I might go out and watch the dogs run around. If anything, it's huge boost of serotonin.

Second another place for dogs to play other than a backyard is always helpful. I think it gives your dog a little more sense of freedom, and they get to explore a new place with all kinds of exciting smells. After all, we can't have our furry friends running around without leashes on our usual walks. It's nice to let them romp around once in a while in a new place with other dogs.

I don't have enough treats to feed them all, though. I do have plenty of energy for belly rubs though.

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