High school football in Texas is like no other.

We've all seen how seriously the gridiron is taken here in the Lone Star State. So many HS stadiums look like they could be college stadiums, players are highly recruited to many different universities, and you can't go far to see a fan of any of the universities in the state.

But there's so much more to the pageantry of the sport. There's others we must thank for making it the sport we love. For example, some may not be able to watch the game in person, and have to listen to the game on radio or the internet.

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One man in Central Texas certainly made an impression amongst fans of the Copperas Cove Bulldawgs, and his name was "Big Joe" Lombardi.

Lombardi's Lasting Impression On Copperas Cove Athletics

Lombardi was a cornerstone of the athletic program at Copperas Cove. He called numerous games for the football team, as well as performing play-by-play for other sports. Since his passing in March 2023 of this year, many have thought of ways to honor his legacy and his dedication to the school.

One of the ways suggested was to rename the football field itself as Copperas Cove High School to "Lombardi Field." Recently, I had the chance to speak to Sherry Hoffpauir, and learn how much a field dedication would mean to her:


The biggest takeaway I had from our conversation is that during his entire tenure, he only missed three, yes three games. That is, in my opinion, more than enough to show how much he cared for sports at Copperas Cove. Count me on board for the field to be renamed after him.

I'd also like to thank Sherry Hoffpauir for taking out the time during her day to speak with me. Let's make this happen Central Texas!

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