After 3 straight days of freezing rain, it is nice to finally get on the road again. The problem is everyone else had the exact same thought. For a few that thinking might have stopped at the door as some motorists appear to have left their brain at home in Killeen-Temple, Texas this morning.

There is still widespread ice as overnight temperatures continue to dip below freezing, and what melted yesterday has turned into black ice. Road closures and barricades also remain an issue in getting around the market. Listener Sarah Buller was able to grab a couple pictures while at the stoplight near the Adams/Central Ave overpass of Interstate 35.

Sarah Buller/Canva
Sarah Buller/Canva

Sitting in dead stop traffic is already miserable, imagine being involved in your own accident because you approached a slow down too quickly with frozen road surfaces?

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What do you do when traffic volume returns to normal?

Not to sound like your dad, but definitely put your phones down, and keep your eyes at the road ahead. One second you can be going regular speed, and the next you realize the highway has turned into a parking lot, and you didn't give yourself enough time to slow down. Part of that slowing down is also making sure the cars behind you can see you're about to park yourself.

When will we all remember how to drive again?

Hopefully sooner than later, but be prepared for anything again tomorrow. There should be less people going to work or school on a Saturday, but we'll start the day below freezing, and the wet roads could be ice again. Also, keep in mind that many people put off their weekly errands this week due to being iced in for most of it. There's a good chance plenty will be venturing out again.

Texas Ice Storm 2023 Pictures

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