Is it just us or is traffic in Central Texas just getting more and more annoying? I mean, some of us have had to lay off the horn more often than usual. Driving angry is never a good decision, unless you're in a destruction derby.

One of the reason traffic is so congested is well, construction on the roads. Always inconvenient, never helpful it feels like. While yes in the moment it is annoying, the pay off will be well worth it right?

Recently in Temple, that previously mentioned pay off we'll get to enjoy right now. But...don't get too used to it just yet, because if you blink you might miss it!

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Kegley Road In Temple, Texas Is Now Open!

Let's just take a short look at the newest pavement in Central Texas:

Is it just us, or is that road just sparkling in the Texas sun? So with this new road, will there be any more construction on it? Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but yes.

According to the City Of Temple, this is only Phase Two of Four:

So it looks like we'll get to enjoy this road for a brief moment, until the fall when it will close again and won't reopen until 2024.

Oh road construction in Texas, may you leave our state and us sooner rather than later.

Just remember to slow down on the roadway...

Yes, we all speed, but going this fast is rather dangerous...

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