For several years I took a break from radio and I worked as a political consultant. One of my clients started his career as the Chief of Staff to one of Baton Rouge's long-time mayors. He shared with me sage advice the old mayor gave him: "Never mess with peoples children or their dogs. You can't win."

Apparently, some city council members in White Settlement, TX had never given such wisdom. In this day and age, cats are the most popular pet in America, and you'd expect kids to fall in love with a cat adopted by the staff of the public library.

Just one problem with this idyllic scene: the Council stepped in to the matter of whether or not the library can have a cat - seems a bit much - and they did so six years after the cat was adopted by the library staff. Even the mayor is crying foul on this one.

The cat, Browser, was adopted from the local animal shelter by the library staff. They made a concerted effort to add a cat to the ambience the library. I think that's absolutely delightful. In my old hometown, there was a record store which featured both a cat and a dog as the official pets of the business. Now I know that's a private business but come on, council members need to stop being such absolute jerks. This is why people don't like government.

Apparently, the brouhaha started when the city employee was told he couldn't bring his dog door then wind because the library workers got to bring a cat on the premises. How petulant.  The mayor says after taking heat, the council may reverse itself at its next meeting on the 12th.