I found out two very important things while taking a survey of cell phone use while using the restroom.  First, I found out my wife is the weird one because she DOESN'T use her phone in the restroom.  Second, I found out I need to start carrying hand sanitizer with me more often.

This survey began when my wife thought it was very weird our oldest son, Tyler, was on the Kindle Fire while sitting on the throne.  I told her I didn't think it was odd, and that I used my phone every time I sat for a spell.  Oddly enough, she wasn't surprised that I used my phone.  Her response was something along the lines of, "Well, with as much time as you spend in there I figured you were writing a book, so being on the phone doesn't seem all that odd".

Would you really, really like to know my Facebook status at this moment in time? Photo by Jamie Garrett

I've never thought anything of it.  I was always a big fan of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.  I even interviewed Uncle John  on the radio I was such a fan.  We've read books, magazines, newspapers, stall graffiti and even product instructions for years.  Why would having my phone, with all those things right on it, be so weird?   Because you then take your phone with you, placing it against your head constantly, handling it and then shaking hands?  That?  Oh, yes.  That's gross.

Still, I figured I wasn't the only one using my phone while on the throne, so I decided a very scientific survey was in order.  I walked in circles around the building until I came across ten total people (hard to find that many people with as many budget cuts as we've experienced over the years) to ask the question, "Cell phone use while using the toilet... yes or no?".

Would you believe I went a perfect 10-10 in people that confirmed I'm not weird at all for using my phone.  My wife WAS right about something, though.  As much time as I spend in there I should be writing a book.  It could be a tell-all book revealing to everyone I spoken with on the phone while dropping a load at the docks.