Summer has finally caught up with us after an unusually cool and rainy season, and we're in for some extreme heat. Temple Fire and Rescue issued the following press release Thursday with tips on keeping yourself and your family safe as we all adjust.

August 6, 2015

Extreme Weather Alert

City of Temple Fire and Rescue would like to warn our residents of potentially dangerous temperatures affecting the area through Sunday evening and potentially through next week. Heat indexes up to 110 degrees are possible and can quickly cause heat related emergencies if basic precautions are not taken.

-Try to limit outdoor activities during the peak temperature times from Noon to 7:00 pm.

-If you must work or be outdoors, take frequent breaks, wear light and breathable clothing, apply sunscreen per application instructions, and stay hydrated. You should continue to drink water even if you are not particularly thirsty, and avoid drinks with caffeine and alcohol in them.

-NEVER leave a child or pet in a vehicle - not even for a short period of times. This can be deadly in minutes!

-Try to limit major electrical appliance usage during these hours as the demand on the electrical systems are high and if overloaded could cause fires or outages.

National Weather Service Image