News 10 is reporting that a couple from Central Texas were arrested Thursday on multiple charges including four counts of abandoning or endangering a child.

Police were first called to the house of Ryan Niswonger, 37, and his wife Daniela Niswonger, 40, following an overdosing report. However, upon arrival, police found that the Niswonger house was infected with lice. The lice infestation was so bad that police still have not entered the house for fear of exposing their officers.

During the overdosing investigation, one of the Niswonger children told police that she did not feel safe in the house.

“She feared for the safety of the juveniles while staying in the house,” the affidavit says.

Once the severity of the children's' conditions were revealed, three of the four girls were taken into Texas Child Protective Services. The fourth was placed in the care of a distant relative. All were taken to a local Texas hospital for inspection and care.

Ryan Niswonger remains in prison with bonds totaling $360,000.


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