A firefighter in Waco recently adopted a dog that was abandoned.

According to a post from the City of Waco, a dog was found tied outside Fire Station #8 at Cobbs and Lake Air Drive. Unable to locate the owner of the dog, the team decided to alert Animal Control to pick up the pup.

The dog was given water and spent some time with Waco firefighter, Richard Tupy, who decided to name the good boy Moses. Of course, once you've named an animal, you can't deny the bond that's been created.

Tupy described Moses as, "full of personality and so sweet," and decided he just couldn't say goodbye forever. That's when Tupy decided to call his wife and ask her to pick Moses up from the station and have him checked out at the vet.

Of course, animal abandonment is illegal in Waco, but luckily Moses found a loving family. Moses in now part of the Tupy househould and has found his fur-ever home. The City of Waco would like to remind residents that there are options for those struggling to care for their pet. Please call (254) 750-1765 if you're struggling to care for your pet.

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