My maternal Grandfather was a farmer. He also raised cattle. We always seemed to find

if Grandpa yelled for me to run, I should run

ourselves at the farm on the weekends when the cattle had to be moved. Even though I was young, I was big and fat. So I would be given a stick and told to stand at a certain part of the road and wave the stick. Oh, and if Grandpa yelled for me to run, I should run…as fast as I could…over a fence. Don’t look back, just run.

This of course was back when the government could give two shoots about how you raised your kid. Don’t want them to be buckled up in the car? Fine.

Want your kids to sit on the fender of a tractor while you plowed the field? Fine.

Want to ride in the back of the pickup truck on the way to town? Fine.

If you lived through the 70’s, that just means you were supposed to. This day in age there’s always a reminder of how dangerous doing things that seem simple can be. Example…

A 70 year old Central Texas Rancher was trampled to death by a cow he was apparently trying to load into a trailer, according to authorities.

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported that the McLennan county Sherriff, Parnell McNamara told them that Eddie Curtis was trampled by the cow in the loading chute Friday in a community northeast of Waco. He was found by his son, and pronounced dead at the scene.