It's bad enough that gas prices are rising across the country. Of course, when prices rise, so does theft at the pump.

Gas theft is certainly not a new thing, but now Daniel Fuentes has to worry about a lot more than just refilling his tank.

Our news partner KWTX is reporting that after a recent fill-up, the Waco man found a hole drilled into his gas tank. Fuentes also found shavings left behind from the drill.

Why Drill Holes in the Gas Tank?

Obviously, someone needed gas.

In the past, gas thieves would siphon fuel from your tank with rubber hoses, but now they drill holes in gas tanks, then let the expensive fuel go into containers.

The biggest problem is not really the actual value of the stolen gas - it's the hassle and cost of repairing damaged tanks.

Drilling Gas Tanks is Also Dangerous

Suppose you only put a few dollars' worth of gas in your vehicle to last you until payday?

Sticking a drill in an almost-empty tank could create a spark that could set the thief and your vehicle on fire, according to Torque News, an automotive website.

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How Can I Stop Gas Thieves?

You can't lock your entire gas tank, but parking your car in a locked garage if you can, or at least a well-lit area, will reduce your chances of getting drilled.

If you're a victim of this kind of theft, make sure police know how much damage has been caused to your vehicle, and treat it as a break-in to your car. Torque News also recommends checking the gas tank if you smell gas or see puddles around your car.

Fuentes says to keep your eyes peeled so this doesn’t happen to you and be aware of anything suspicious.

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