The eyes of Texas are upon you, or err-camera license plate readers at least.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, the city of Hewitt has approved financing that would allow the city to purchase license plate readers.

The license plate reader would automatically read plates on a vehicle and notify authorities without officials having to manually run plates or call.

The system for the license plate reader retails at $19,000. Due to Hewitt's location on I-35, authorities believe that having the system will help capture those traveling with outstanding warrants. The system would also assist law enforcement to find vehicles associated with clear alerts and blue alerts.

“You gotta stay on top of that, you gotta be progressive about the job that we do. and anything that can help our officers to be safe to help our community be safe, especially if we have a hit for a felony vehicle or a murder suspect that happened to be driving through the community and we can get that shutdown and stopped, I think that’s a benefit to us," stated Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin to KWTX.

The new system should be making an appearance in the city of Hewitt in the next few days, but officials say that it may take some time before the system is completely set up and ready for use.

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