News 10 is reporting that the Central Texas officer who survived a fiery car crash while pursuing a suspect was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

On Monday, Grimes County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a Grimes County home due to a report of a man making threats to his estranged wife. Upon arrival to the home, police had to pursue the man who fled on his motorcycle.

Reed Edelman was one of the officers in pursuit of the motorcyclist.

KWTX said, "This pursuit continued throughout many Farm Market Roads and State Highways in northern Grimes County which at many points the driver proceeded to disregard the safety for himself and others by driving erratically at speeds exceeding 130 MPH. During this time, the weather became inclimate and began to rain heavily causing the roads to become slick. The Deputy lost control of his vehicle as a result of hydroplaning and going off of the roadway, going airborne, overturning multiple times, striking a tree and then catching fire. The Deputy was able to climb out of the vehicle and get to safety."

Steven Benefield, 34 of Shiro was later arrested and charged with Evading Arrest w/ Vehicle causing Serious Bodily Injury a 3rd Degree Felony.

Edelman suffered a fractured vertebra and was admitted into Scott & White Hospital in College Station. He was released today and is resting at home.

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