News 10 is reporting that Central Texas rescue team has left on Tuesday to help join relief efforts following the devastating hurricane in the Florida Panhandle.

Overall, 80 members of the search and rescue team were deployed days before Hurricane Michael began to heap feet of water and high wind across the Florida Panhandle.

"As soon as the storm passes and it's safe, they'll immediately go into those coastal regions which were directly affected by the sea surge and the high winds and rain,” said Task Force public information officer Stephen Bjune.

“They will also continue to work as the storm moves through the panhandle of Florida, Georgia and then the recently affected North and South Carolina until the storm goes back out into the Atlantic Ocean," said Bjune.

The rescue force is made up of firefighters, police officers and doctors.

The workers are expected to be there for a few weeks, possibly even moving into parts of the Carolinas to further help in relief efforts.

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