Who made up the rule that we had to have this gigantic meal on Sunday's?  The old people who milked cows and churned butter I reckon.   So messing up 17 pots and pans and eating off real plates with real silverware wasn't extra work for them.  

Not so for me!  Look at this Mess!   I do not have time for this!  This is what it takes to make homemade enchiladas.

A pot, pan, cutting board, bowl, chopper and measuring cup are a few of the things I dirtied up for these enchiladas.

I had to shred some chicken, and make some sauce with real flour, and sour cream and other stuff that had to be measured and poured, creating lots of dirty dishes.

The Sauce Pot, Uggh!
More dirty stuff

Just look at this mess.  All that to get this!

The Finished Product

It tasted excellent.   Was it worth it?   NO!   Next Sunday we are going to get take out from the fast food place like we always do!