This story will absolutely make your day. A retiring comfort dog named Prince earned a pot in the annual school yearbook at Portage High School.

Prince was honored with the unique distinction by the school following nearly five years of dedicated service as a comfort dog. Handler Tim Kunstek is a counselor at Portage High School, and nine-year-old Prince participated in a lot of counseling work over the years.

Oh, and Prince is the one in the middle. ;-) (Portage High School)

Via Yahoo:

Every day, he rides to school with Kunstek and spends his morning greeting students as they arrive at school. He also sits in on counseling sessions with Kunstek and his students, and patrols the hallways, making sure kids are going to class. During lunch, he hangs out in the cafeteria. “Kids would sit on the floor and feed him Tater Tots and other treats, but he started gaining weight, so we’ve scaled back on that,” said Kunstek.

To honor Prince for all his work, the school decided the loving dog had earned a spot in their yearbook.

Studying hard!

We think Prince deserves the honor, and a lot more, too!