You'll probably want to avoid FM 2271 (Belton Dam) for a while as road construction has begun for about the next 90 days.

While this is a huge drag for many of us, a local news station showed off its sense of humor. In the broadcast the anchor uses the word 'dam' a lot. From dam workers, to dam repairs to dam delays, they don't hold back. Already the video has gone viral with almost 3,000 shares and 170,000 views.

FM 2271 is now down to one lane going over the Belton Dam as crews make repairs to the roadway and guardrails. The flow of traffic will be controlled by stop lights giving drivers in each direction a turn at crossing over Belton Lake.

This is expected to cause significant delays at times, and drivers should consider State Highway 317 as the alternate route. Belton ISD buses will also be using Highway 317 to avoid the construction delays in the morning.

Photo by Elizabeth Varville
Photo by Elizabeth Varville


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