The average Texan is aware of the prominence of high school athletics within the culture of the Lone Star State. Look no further than the movie and television series dedicated to  prep sports in Texas, Friday Night Lights. Seriously, remember how many times you've pointed out to relatives from out of state that the football stadium they are looking at does not host  a collegiate team but a high school one.

It also seems that every real estate website is now crunching numbers in an attempt to stand out as an authority on some form of community amenities  indeed, the site called is fairly open in admitting it's seeking theirs:

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Now, presented for your perusal, the rankings of the top high schools for athletics as determined by the smart kids at Plus our spotlight on the distinctive schools in the top 100. Well, not all of them, just the ones in the top 100 which are also in our immediate listening area.

Temple High came in at #84. Rogers tied for #82. McGregor is #49. But the big winner is Copperas Cove High School at #15 in the whole state. Bravo to the Cove! 319 folks have reviewed the school and the results are mostly positive. Check it out here.

If your school didn't rank as high as you'd like,  remember there's a place to settle all grievances: on the field of athletic competition!