The community of McKinney, Texas has its heart set on a new football stadium. Seemingly at almost any price. Construction costs are going in one direction, up. Voters in McKinney have seen plans for a new football stadium add up quickly to the sum of nearly $70 million dollars.

A $50 million dollar price tag was approved by voters in this north Texas community back in May, and an additional $11 million has been secured for stadium preparation. According to the Dallas Morning News, it's the price of concrete that continues to increase costs. McKinney has also planned a good amount of road construction around the new 12,000 seat arena to give fans easy access on game days.

The latest cost figures would make the stadium at McKinney the most expensive one ever built. Sounds like Texas, right?

McKinney's school district is one of the fastest growing in Texas, and the stadium plans would include allowing for three area High Schools to call the stadium home for football, soccer, and lacrosse.