Kenny Chesney's 'Old Blue Chair' is a beach-themed nostalgic tune from his 2005 album, 'Be as You Are.' In this adorable father-daughter rendition, a little girl sings alongside her father on the guitar. They bring back the beach theme through their ocean-blue color scheme -- the little girl wears a blue halter top, while her dad sports a blue T-shirt, and they're sitting on a blue couch. The best part, however, has to be the little girl's obvious emotion in every line. They're also careful to make the song more kid-friendly, singing "too much studying all night."

Jorge Narvaez and his beautiful daughter, Alexa, recorded their version of the song together for Father's Day. It starts out all smiles before he starts to play guitar and sing. It's only moments later that Alexa joins in to harmonize. She even sings a few key lines on her own, showcasing her own adorable vocal chops. It's clear the two love the song -- and love singing together! This is just one of the many covers on their YouTube page.