Super Bowl rings are not easy to come by so, imagine what it feels like to win one and then lose it.

It happened to one of the Dallas Cowboys once and, believe it or not, he's far from the only one that has suffered this agonizing mishap.

You play your life away trying to get to the NFL, then you play your heart out to get to the "big game" and then you give everything you got to lift that Lombardi trophy.

Along with the pride and glory that comes with that trophy ... not to mention the bragging rights, huge endorsement deals and bonus paycheck, ... comes a helluva ring. Read more Super Bowl fun facts here.

If you're going to "put a ring on it" ... especially a ring that's worth, on average these days, between $30K and $50K, EACH ... you've got to be REALLY careful with it. Things happen though and one Dallas Cowboy found that out the hard way.

Drew Pearson, a wide receiver with the 'Boys during the 1977 Super Bowl, wore his ring to Studio 54. (Apparently, once upon a time, that was a thing.) He took his ring off at one point, (the day I sport zillion dollar bling, it's not coming off. Ever), and put it in his pocket. Later he took his coat off and yeah, at some point, the ring vanished.

Luckily, it was found.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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To be fair, he's not the only one to lose this priceless momento. Here are a few more pros who are better at holding on to footballs or opponents than they are rings.

  • John Schmitt, '68 Jets, lost his surfing. Miraculously, he got it back - 40 tears later.
  • Larry Little, '72 Dolphins, lost his "at home". Little played on the only NFL team to have a "perfect season" but, at home, things weren't so perfect. His wife put his ring away and forgot where. As far as I can tell, he still hasn't found it.
  • Gary Brackett, '06 Colts, also left his ring in his coat pocket. Thankfully, his dry cleaner found it and notified him. It was missing a couple of diamonds which he opted to not replace.

He says he likes it looking a little beat up because he took a beating earning it..

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