Darius Rucker takes us back to a different, simpler time in his video for 'Wagon Wheel.' He lives the dream and dreams the life, and has a pretty impressive list of guest stars joining him for the fun.

Strapping on his trusty guitar and playing on train tracks, passing the time while hitching rides from fully bearded strangers as he makes his way back to his lady love and/or to his next performance gig, the singer cuts accurate slices of life and shows us the reality of roadside Americana, and has some fun along the way.

There's nothing quite like a road trip, seeing the country and experiencing its people while sitting on benches outside of laundromats and general stores, waiting for the next ride to come along and take you a few hundred miles, helping you inch closer to that all-too-important next destination. But then again, life's thrills come from the journey, not just arriving at the destination.

It's a colorful clip filled with plenty of characters, but none are as interesting as Rucker himself. Well, that's not exactly true. There's a tall, blond and bearded patron who makes a grand entrance at the Rucker gig towards the end of the clip. Any self-respecting country fan should recognize him...

...Yep, that's Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley. Other guests include the cast of A&E's 'Duck Dynasty.'

It's like a big, crazy, vivid dream. Or is it?